About Pigment Perfect

Pigment Perfect was built to help create a visual pathway to confidence and self-love to children and adults of colour. Helping them love every single shade on their skin and the magic that comes with it.  By creating empowering prints and products, we provide guidance towards helping children and adults identify themselves as being powerful individuals and to help regain the love for themselves in a society where they can feel rejected.

Who is Pigment Perfect?

Pigment Perfect was created by me, Jane D'Offay, a mother of two young queens and one king and a full-time graphic and web designer. In 2016, we encountered a difficult time, ​coming into realisation that our eldest daughter was a victim of racial abuse at school. Although it was for a short period of time which was dealt with as soon as it was acknowledged, the lasting effect it had on our daughter was immense. She began to deteriorate as a child, hating the texture and length of her hair, the tone of her skin, comparing her features to everyone and anything every moment of the day.

After long discussions with her on numerous occasions, I realised talking wasn't working, I had to show her how beautiful she was and help her understand the magic behind her heritage through visuals.  Together, we went on an amazing journey of self-love and fed our minds with culture to understand who we both were and what we were made of. She helped me design graphics that we set up in her bedroom for her to read daily and physically see how beautiful her hair is, how divine her skin is and how she, as an individual, is so powerful.  


I truly believe that by nurturing your child's mind and feeding their brain with positivity, inspiration, history, and possibilities, from their first breath, they will be able to love their version of themselves to the fullest and with the help of Pigment Perfect, we can be a great reminder along with your journey too.