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    The 'My Little Heritage Box', is the perfect way to help connect families and educate children of their roots, culture and history. This box will help open up important conversations, and help to raise children that are proud of themselves, are self-aware and empowered by their culture.


    We are in a world where our children are at the risk of losing this disconnection towards their heritage, as there is little to none resources available to help visually understand their roots, especially for those from countries or islands that are not well known. As a Seychellois, who has an Angolan partner, culture has always been a hot topic in our household, as well as being so important to raise our children upon. It's the key to helping children understand who they are, and it all starts from knowing their roots.


    I found myself having to educate them through word of mouth, as I physically could not find any resources that would help capture their learning at such a young age. Being from a small island myself, I knew this would be the case. The number of times I have crossed paths with several people who did not know where Seychelles became the norm', however, there was no way we would allow our children to be in the same predicament.


    The 'My Little Heritage Box', helps to shine a light on those particular countries and islands that may not be in the limelight as much as others, and give children the significant cultural adventure they deserve. We have dedicated a handful of countries/islands in the dropdown to choose from, which have been selected by us based on their significance in our lives through amazing people we know... Apart from this, we offer personalisation of YOUR heritage, ensuring you get the resources you deserve to help educate your child in an engaging way of their roots.


    You can do this by entering your country/island you would like us to cover in the custom text field available.


    Each box will include:


    - A bespoke map of your country/island- x4 'Did you know' colouring sheets with historical facts- A bunting with your country's/island flag to colour in

    - x2 Recipes of well-known dishes from your country/island to make

    - x1 Badge with your country's/island's flag- x4 Activity sheets of traditional clothing cut-outs, with templates of diverse people to stick and personsalise.

    - A pack of colouring pens






    - Personalised can take up to 10-14 working days to be delivered.


    - If you are looking for a dual heritage box, please ensure you have selected 'Dual Heritage' first in the dropdown, before entering the custom field of what countries or islands you'd like us to cover.



    My Little Heritage Box