• Introducing Lila's Black Girl Magic Bobbles! 


    Let's take it back, way back, back into time, when our mums used to dress us up in shiny black buckled shoes, flowery dresses for our Sunday best, complete with hair bobbles for our hair! I used to love them so much, that I wore them all the way to secondary school! I had diced bobbles, ball bobbles, silver bobbles, cubed bobbles, checked bobbles...you name it! 


    So this time we wanted to produce something that represented my childhood and to so many others too. A piece that made me feel confident with my hair and style, to which I can now gift to the kids and adults of this new hood!


    - Please allow up to 7-10 working days for deliveries on this product.

    - There is one bobble per pack. 

    - Each face of a bobble measures 2.5cm

    - All bobbles are Handmade with so much love!


    **As we experienced a crazy amount of orders since our launch, we are putting are limiting the amount of stock on the bobbles. So be fast, as purchases come in quick!




    P.P Bobbles - Black Girl Magic